Our 200 Series was customised for chasing big and reliable power, showcasing our TaipanXP Australian made and designed products, while ensuring that the longevity of the vehicle isn’t compromised.

This vehicle is set up to tow heavy loads, long distances & we chose aftermarket accessories to suit.

TaipanXP Exhaust System

Benefits of fitting a TaipanXP exhaust system to suit the 2015 200 Series

  • Full exhaust system removes restrictive factory exhaust system.
  • Full exhaust system sits up higher which improves ground clearance.
  • Vortex muffler- draws and helps pulls gases out, lower temperatures, allows for a better tune which leads to more torque.
  • Lower EGTs means it’s great for towing and longevity of the vehicle.

TaipanXP Billet Catch Can

With modern Diesel Vehicles, the excess oil, fumes and vapours that are produced from the crank case are plumbed back into the air intake. This can cause problems when the soot builds up and clogs up vital engine components such as Intercoolers and intake manifold which can decrease power and cooling efficiency.

This occurs especially when the vehicle is under load eg towing which creates more boosts and more crankcase pressure.

We greatly reduce the amount of soot by fitting a catch can which basically catches all the soot, forces the soot through a stainless steel filter and forces clean air back into the air intake through another hose.

For the 200 Series we offer two mounting points either Underbonnet or Bullbar Mount.

Larger Intercooler and Bonnet Replacement:

On the standard Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series, the vehicle suffers from heat soak from the front grille which occurs when customers fitting items such as Bullbar and Spot lights which can restrict airflow to the standard intercooler hence why we fit a larger intercooler and replacement bonnet.

This is so we don’t rely on the air flowing through the front grille; we are grabbing it through the replacement bonnet.

We custom designed the Performance intercooler using Australian built PWR intercooler core and twin Italian made Spal fans to force cool air into the intercooler coming in from the bonnet scoop.

Using this intercooler will help with the following

  • Towing heavy loads
  • Keep the vehicle cool in less than ideal temperatures
  • Stop start traffic
  • Provide more performance gain when paired with a performance module

Safari Snorkel

The standard way of getting air to the vehicle is very dismal as it is trying to obtain air through under the front guard. We resolve this by fitting a safari snorkel which helps to obtain cold clean air. It acts like ram air effect forcing the clean air into the intake.

K&N Air Filter

We also fit a K&N Air filter when on the bitumen to minimise restrictions in obtaining cool clean air. We also recommend going back to the standard air filter when going through bulldust etc.   The oil in the K&N air filter won’t harm the vehicle as long as you only do a light spray when reoiling it, over oiling it and drenching the filter may cause issues with your Air Flow meter.

Lovells GVM Upgrade

We decided to go with the Lovells GVM Upgrade, the reasons we decided to do this is:

  • the standard GVM can be exceeded easily with accessories such as bullbars, wheel carriers, bigger fuel tank etc are fitted let alone including the weight of the passengers and luggage
  • With the weight of the trailer and rear wheel carrier, the vehicle will start to sag under the standard suspension and will negatively affect the handling of the vehicle.

We enlisted the expertise of Mark and Sharon at Ballina Truck Align as they are an experienced 4wd accessories dealer with many years kitting out 4wds. They were able to customise our 200 Series suspension to cater to our needs.


AzNew Water Detector

We use an Aznew Water Detector as even a small amount of water (as little as 10mls!) in the diesel system will cause thousands of dollars damage to Diesel components such as:

  • Common rail injectors
  • Diesel fuel lines
  • Fuel rail
  • Fuel pump

The AzNew water detector is connected before the factory fuel filter to detect water in the diesel using a very accurate sensor. When the water is detected in the system, the visual and audible alarm sounds to let you know that water has been detected.

In our 200 Series, we have decided to fit the AzNew water detector on the driver’s side of the vehicle to have enough time to detect the water before it goes into the factory fuel system on the other side of the vehicle.

Kaymar rear bar

On our project 200 Series, we’ve decided to go with the Kaymar twin rear wheel carrier as

  • Helps us on long trips to carry two big 20inch wheels and tyres.
  • Enhances the rear of the vehicle.
  • Helps to relocate the spare from underneath to a more practical area for changing the spare.


Rhino Bar

We went with the Rhino bar as it was

  • Enhances the look of the front of the vehicle.
  • ADR Approved
  • Winch compatible without fitting a heavy bullbar


Tyres & Wheels

American racing 20 inch wheels and Cooper LTZ wheels

We’ve decided to go with the American racing wheels as they:

  • Enhance the look of the vehicle as well as providing the vehicle with a good stance.
  • We went with the Cooper LTZ all terrain wheels as they provide a good balance of off road ability and isn’t noisy.
  • We also ran with these tyres as they are one of the few tyres that will cater for 20inch wheels without compromising on offroad ability.

We enlisted the help of Goodyear Autocare in Burleigh to supply and fit the 6 tyres & wheels to Project 200 Series.


Long range automotive fuel tank 180L

To increase the standard range of the vehicle, we decided to go with a extended range fuel tank to go without filling up for a longer period.

  • They add a decent capacity and are a reputable Australian brand.


Protecting your Auto

We enlisted the help of Wholesale Automatics with regards to protecting the automatic transmission which included

  • Bigger Nomad heavy duty valve body which helps to improve the shifts and reduce the flaring in your transmission (the transmission computer system is not able to keep up with the extra load that you are towing or performance from the engine) Whether it be a performance chip and exhaust upgrade that you have done or you’re loaded to the hilt.
  • Lock up kit

When the vehicle is in towing and/or offroad conditions, it can quite often cause frustrations to the driver as the factory ECU appears confused and is constantly changing the state of the torque converter clutch. With the assistance of the GENII Torque Converter Lockup Control System, the driver can override the torque converter lockup circuit providing a relaxed and enjoyable driving environment.

Auto temp gauge Automatic transmissions can fail at times due to excessive heat.

These can occur with the following.

  • Slipping clutches in a well-worn transmission
  • Low fluid level in the transmission
  • Lack of cooling capacity
  • Driving style
  • Towing up ranges

We monitor the automatic temperatures using a gauge to prevent any issue from occurring. Without having a Transmission Temperature Gauge most users will continue to drive without changing their driving style until the automatic transmission overheats completely and potentially stops altogether.

Unichip Performance Module

We decided to go with the Unichip Performance module compared to others on the market as we found it to be very reliable in the past. It will control various components of the vehicle such as

  • Fuel timing
  • Boost control
  • EGT protection
  • Injector timing
  • Throttle Boost (Eliminates the need for a Pedal box)

We also decided to go with the Unichip as it allow us with the option of a 5 map setting which allows 5 different maps to cater for various conditions ideal for the owner from towing to performance settings.