28lhiluxDPF – Diesel Particulate Filter

  • In Australia our emission laws changed in November 2016 and we went to Euro 5. What this means is that all new Turbo Diesel Vehicles will have DPF’s fitted to them. Some 2015 & 2016 models also came out with them, for example all facelift 200 Series & from April 2016 some, not all PX Rangers & BT-50’s. The 2016 Landcruiser V8 Utes, Wagons and TroopCarriers only came out with DPF’s in the new facelift models. Any questions call us or email and we will go through how to find out if a vehicle does/doesn’t have one fitted. 
  • We will not be rushing the release of systems with DPF’s into market and nothing has been predetermined. Whatever our testing tells us will navigate how the systems are built. We have been manufacturing systems for DPF vehicles since 2007, we provide them with full replacement DPF’s for the D40 & 550 Navara/Pathfinder, Jeep Commander and Volkswagen Amarok. We will only be selling ADR compliant systems so that we don’t void our customers warranty & insurance.
  • We have purchased a 2.8L Hilux to do the initial R&D testing on. When we know what size/performance/gains etc we will put them up on our website and social media pages. We will not be rushing products to market and will not be compromising on quality.