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NISSAN 3L Patrol GU Turbo Diesel Wagon

3” Mandrel Bent TaipanXP Vortex Exhaust System with, Stainless Steel Dump Pipe,  200 cell catalytic converter, flex bellows, Gen 2 vortex muffler and rear resonator.

All vehicles that come out with a catalytic converter from the factory, have to be replaced. We go to the expense of a 200 cell substrate cat as it flows better then other cats and is less restrictive.

Our system is easy enough to fit-up in your own drive-way, and comes with full fitting instructions nut bolts and gaskets.

If you ever need help or have any questions in regards to fitting a TaipanXP System please contact us on 0755935225.

We strongly recommend that you have a boost gauge fitted, before you so anything to the vehicle. Before we do anything to the 3L Patrol we put a fitting into the intercooler piping and with a boost gauge check that the boost is stable. We also check there is no oil in the Intercooler pipes.

Once we know that the boost is stable and the intercooler isn’t leaking we can go ahead and do the upgrade. Remove standard system and replace with 3” TaipanXP mandrel bent system. Fit chip/module to refuel the vehicle and bring it back up to factory EGT’s.

* Chip Upgrade * Boost Gauge
* 3L Patrol Air to Water Intercooler * Digital Pyrometer
* 3” TaipanXP Vortex Exhaust System to go around 30L Gas Tank * KN Air Filter
* Oil to Air Separator * Safari Snorkel
* Exchange Air to Air Intercooler (more fins then genuine intercooler)  
Why go to the expense of these products? Because it works out at getting the best possible power increase over other products on the market.
"After years of research and development, we know what to do to get the very best and safest possible power output from your Turbo Diesel Vehicle."

Q:How much louder will my vehicle be?
A:At the most 5db over standard. As you have moved up to 3” you will notice the turbo spool up, but the in-cabin noise is controlled by the Gen 2 Muffler and Rear Resonator.

Q: Why 3” not 21/2” or 23/4”?
A: We go to 3” with all Turbo Diesel vehicles to get the biggest possible EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature) drop, it doesn’t matter whether the vehicle is a 2.5L Pathfinder or a 4.5L V8 Landcruiser Ute.
Then we put the fuel back in with an aftermarket chip/module. Then we bring it back to factory EGT’s where we find the best power gains which leads to better economy

Q: Will this harm my economy?
A: No, in most cases economy after 2-3 tanks loads of fuel is up to 10% better.

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