TaipanXP Vortex Exhaust Systems for 4WD's In Kit Form
Nissan Patrol 3 Litre Wagon Diesel with at 3" Mandrel System
Nissan Patrol 4.2 Litre Ute & Wagon Diesel with Ceramic Coasted Dump Pipe 3'' Mandrel System
Nissan Patrol Wagon 4.2 Litre Petrol Pacemaker Extractors 2 1/2 Mandrel System
Nissan Patrol Wagon 4.8 Litre Petrol TaipanXP Custom Extractors 2 1/2 Mandrel System
Toyota Landcruiser 100 Series Factory Turbo Stainless Steel Dump 3" Mandrel System
Toyota Landcruiser V8 100 Series coming soon
Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series Diesel Factory Turbo with Cat stainless Steel Dump Pipe 3" Mandrel System
Toyota Landcruiser 80 Series Diesel Factory Turbo Stainless Steel Dump Pipe 3 '' Mandrel System also
available for DencoTurbo
Toyota Prado V6 Extractors now Available
Landrover TD5 3'' Mandrel System tailpipe finished in stainless steel
Landrover tD5 with cat 3'' Mandrel System tailpipe finished in stainless steel
Ford,Dodge,Chrysler F250's  3 1/2 '' Stainless Steel Mufflers suitable for around 7 Litres
We also have custom built In house systems Call us on 07 5593 5225
TaipanXP Enhanced Exhaust Systems for Performance Vehicles in Kit Form 
EVO 8 Turbo Back Full Stainless Steel 3" Mandrel System
EVO 8 Dump Back Full Stainless Steel 3 " Mandrel System
EVO 8 Cat Back System
EVO 8 Tunning Pipe
Forester Single Dump Stainless Steel System
WRX 3'' Single Dump Stainless Steel System
WRX 3" Single Dump Mild Steel System Stainless Steel Rear Barrel
WRX 3'' Single Dump Stainless Steel System Stainless Steel Rear Barrel Single Tip/TwinTip
WRX 3'' Cat Back Single tip/Twin Tip
WRX 3'' Rear Barrel stainless Steel Pipe Work Stainless Tip
WRX  Up Pipe
Nissan R33 Dump Pipe
Audi S3 Full Stainless Steel System
Audi A3 Full Stainless Steel System suits VW Turbo Beetle, GTI Golf
Audi S4 Full Stainless Steel System

TaipanXP Air to Water Intercooler 80 Series Landcruiser

TaipanXP Oil Air Separator

Oil Air Separator for turbocharged cars. The system is designed to prevent oil mist getting blown into the inlet manifold and contaminating the air/fuel mix. Ordinarily, factory engines have a simple PCV valve which vents from the cam cover to the inlet. The problem with this on a turbo car is that when boost is applied the valve blocks off. This causes pressure to build in the crankcase, so when boost drops off, the PCV valve suddenly opens and the pressure is released into the inlet along with a mist of oil. To keep this oil out of the inlet TaipanXP route the hoses through their separator, which collects the oil and drains it back into the separator. As there is no more PCV valve, the pressure in the crank-case is always relieved; preventing oil blow-by and also improving power output. This TaipanXP product is fitted with a site tube to see what the oil level is, the separator is made from Aluminum and comes with fittings and a breather filter.

TaipanXP 304 Flex Up-Pipe

Like our legendary 321 Up-Pipe, our new Flex Up-pipe offers heavy-duty construction and hefty -inch cut flanges. With a high quality flex-joint to relieve much of the tension endured by rigid up-pipe, this 304 Stainless constructed piece is well suited for hard-driven street cars that see constant heat cycling. Suits WRX 01 Models on.


TaipanXP Downpipe

A fully divorced wastegate bypass tube ensure minimal exhaust backpressure and low turbulence in the critical area just downstream of the turbine discharge. This piece replaces the first cat section in the factory exhaust system, greatly improving turbo spool-up and power output. Suits the WRX 01 and 02 Models only.


EVO 8 Optional Off Road Race Pipe

This straight-pipe replaces the modular 3-inch free-flow catalytic converter that comes standard in all our complete exhaust.  A big performance enhancer for those racers who need all the power they can get and don't need to comply to emissions regulations.  For off-road use only .  Please note that running cat-less can result in a serious fine.


Currently we custom build all our intercoolers using custom cores and specifically designed end tanks. We only use quality silicone hoses and clamps, piping is usually stainless steel with HPC coating internally and aluminum piping , we do not have kits available at this time all work is custom built on the car