I am interested to learn about the fitment and design of TaipanXP Exhaust Systems. How do they work?

All TaipanXP 4WD Performance Exhaust Systems are designed for DIY fit and 100% Guaranteed of precise fitment for standard unmodified vehicles. All systems tuck up tight underneath the chassis for maximum ground clearance (using existing manufacturer points) when compared to the factory exhaust system.

If an aftermarket product(s) have been fitted to your vehicle that you think may interfer with fitment of our system please contact us before hand to discuss. Please note on our models page we have vehicle specifc flyers that list the mods that are allowed for in our design.

If you have one or more of these modifications, please contact us direct at TaipanXP 4WD Performance Exhaust Systems to check which modifications our systems allow for.

Will there be a significant increase in noise if I fit one of your systems?

Most 4WD Turbo Diesels have a standard 2 1/4inch Exhaust System, however, by upgrading to a TaipanXP 4WD Performance Exhaust System, you will notice only a slight increase in noise of around 5db, this due to the increase in pipe size and noise reducing qualities of our Vortex Gen 2 Muffler and where also needed Resonator/s. Please note we spend a lot of time on R&D to make sure we get good safe power gains whilst keeping the noise increases to a minimum.

If you would like a more noticeable “Sportz” note for your vehicle, please contact us before ordering a system, we only recommend this option for certain vehicles.

I would like to fit the system myself, how easy are they to fit and do they come with fitting instructions?

If you are not mechanically inclined, we recommend you have our system fitted by a TaipanXP Reseller or a trusted Mechanical workshop. If your vehicle has a DPF then we recommend getting it fitted by a reseller or Mechanical workshop, as these vehicles can be extremely tricky and also need specialist tools & equipment to fit & setup.

To save time and hassle we ask that on receving your TaipanXP system you do the follow:

  1. Unpack the box and check that all items are there and accounted for, as boxes can be damaged and items can be lost during freight.
  2. Please read the instructions – this will save you time when fitting. If at anytime you have a question re fitting please contact us on the number below.

TaipanXP Exhaust Systems are Guaranteed to fit, first time every time to standard unmodified vehicles, using existing factory hangers.

We provide all the necessary gaskets, rubbers, nuts and bolts with detailed fitting instructions, however, each vehicle is different regarding fitment, and we recommend that they are fitted by mechanically minded person.

How long until I receive my system from time of ordering?

All systems are manufactured in house at Burleigh Heads.

If the system is not in stock our turnaround time for an Aluminised Mild Steel System is 7 working days and for 304 Grade Stainless Steel System the turnaround time is 10 working days.

Should we have your system in stock; it will be dispatched the next business day.

Please note: freight prices are additional. Please contact us directly for freight information.

Hi, I am interested in purchasing one of your exhaust systems but I’m not sure of which type to purchase in the form of either an Aluminised Mild Steel or 304 Grade Stainless Steel option?

It totally depends on how you use your vehicle;

  1. If you use your vehicle for towing, bush work, city/highway driving but very minimal exposure to salt water e.g. beach trips, we recommend our Aluminised Mild Steel System.
  2. If you regularly use your vehicle to tow boats, live in coastal regions or are frequently driving on the beach, we recommend our 304 Grade Stainless Steel System as it will protect your exhaust from corrosion.

We use 304 Grade Stainless Steel and our systems are Mandrel bent. We only use 304 Grade Stainless Steel as opposed to 409 Grade Stainless Steel as it is the highest material grade currently available for exhaust systems and has better corrosion, longevity and heat resistance than 409 Grade Stainless Steel